The Champlin Foundation
One important goal is to fund tax exempt organizations within Rhode Island that will have the greatest impact on the broadest possible segment of the population.

Beginning with the establishment of S. B. Champlin Company, a jewelry manufacturer, by Stanton Browning Champlin in 1872, The Champlin Family was at the forefront of business and industry in Rhode Island for three generations. 

Under the guidance of Stanton's son, George Byron Champlin, and then his grandson, George Stanton Champlin, an industrial empire was created, stretching from Canada to Georgia, operating companies manufacturing aluminum, copper and brass tube, jewelry, wire, valves, hand trucks, pipe fittings and hand pumps. 

When George S. Champlin died in 1980 at the age of 98, he was one of the wealthiest individuals in the state.


As their wealth increased, so did the family's interest in assisting those less fortunate.  Together with his sisters, Florence Champlin Hamilton and Hope Champlin Neaves, George S. Champlin established The Champlin Foundation Trust in Delaware in 1932.  They also created The Second Champlin Foundation in 1947.  The Third Champlin Foundation was established by George S. Champlin in 1975.  The foundations share the same management and PNC Delaware Trust Company is the trustee for all three.

As of December 31, 2016, we became The Champlin Foundation having merged the three foundations into one.


The Champlin siblings grew up in Rhode Island, and George S. Champlin and Florence Champlin Hamilton lived their entire lives here.  They were both active in philanthropy and made substantial personal contributions during their lifetimes, often anonymously.  Both Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Champlin left the bulk of their estates to the Foundation.  None of the three siblings was survived by children or other heirs.


Since 1932, The Champlin Foundation has distributed nearly $551M, almost entirely in the State of Rhode Island.  

Wife and Children of George Byron Champlin
[Photo taken approximately 1897]
George S. Champlin
with his father
George B. Champlin
[photo taken approximately 1931]
George S. Champlin
[Photo taken approximately 1952]