The Champlin Foundation
One important goal is to fund tax exempt organizations within Rhode Island that will have the greatest impact on the broadest possible segment of the population.

Areas of Focus

Open Space/Conservation/Environment
Social Services
Historic Preservation
Animal Humane Societies

* Requests from Public Elementary & Secondary Schools and Independent Schools are accepted by invitation only

(See School RFP's)

School RFP's

What Champlin Will Not Fund

Grants to Individuals
Grants for Programs
Operating Expenses

Master Plans/Studies

Municipal Animal Shelters

Volunteer Fire/Rescue/Ambulance Companies

Municipal Fire & Police Departments

Housing Authorities

Multi-year Grants [however applicants may be considered annually]

Feasibility Studies

It is our policy not to participate in feasibility studies. The rationale for this policy is that the success of a fundraising campaign should not hinge on Champlin participation.